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Tuition Rates for 2024-2025 School Year

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 


Full Day:                                                                                                    $5,680                                                                                          

Grades 1-6

One Child:                                                                                                $6,397 


Two Children:                                                                                            $11,944


Three Children:                                                                                         $17,491  


Four Children:                                                                                           $23,038                                                                                                       

Multiple payment options available.

Scholarship programs and need-based financial aid available. 

$850 off each additional child (Gr. 1-6 only).

All families applying through FACTS Grant and Aid must also apply for both Scholarships, ETC and EFA, at Children's Scholarship Fund:

CSF application open in early February, and must be completed by their deadline to receive the maximum EFA funding.

FACTS Grant and Aid application must be completed by May 1st of each year to be considered for school financial aid. Be sure to upload the most recent year end Federal Tax forms including W-2's, the full form 1040 and all schedules filed with the return, and any other forms of financial assistance received from all sources. All household income earned by adults in the household must be included.

All school aid is awarded pending until the finalization of aid received from all other sources. 

Families receiving EFA funding must forward the email from Children's Scholarship Fund that states the September EFA installment amount to:

FACTS agreements will be finalized once the September EFA installment email is received.

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