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School Safety

At St. Catherine of Siena School, student safety is high priority and something we continuously review and improve upon in order to create the most secure environment possible for your children. We approach safety from several aspects: planning, training of staff and students, secure facilities, and partnership with local law enforcement.


An emergency operations plan was formulated following a 2017 school security assessment by the State of New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. This plan is reviewed and updated yearly with input from Manchester Police Department to reflect best practices, and forms the basis for all emergency management decisions in our school.



We are grateful to local law enforcement for their guidance and support in all security undertakings. While we do not like to consider the possibility of an emergency situation occurring in our school, the safety of all children in the building is paramount and we are committed to having the best equipped building and trained staff in the event of an emergency.  

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