St. Catherine of Siena School, deeply rooted in its Catholic faith, fosters spiritual development, academic excellence, and commitment to serve others.

Thank you to Dr. Wil Zemp, retired Army Colonel of 25 years, who spoke to students at a Veterans' Day assembly and prayer service. 

Family Fun Night - Supergirl and the Princesses

Mr. Nick and Mr. Mark are turned into mummies!

The Penny Sale Winners from the Holiday Fair can be found here.


Dad: Adam - Government Relations Manager at Bianco Professional Association
Mom: Kristin - Physician Assistant at Manchester Community Health Center
Meghan - 3rd gradeCaroline - 2nd gradeJohn - Pre-K

Questions #2 - What do you enjoy doing as a family?

We are a big sports family.  If it involves any sort of stick or ball or running we probably want to be involved.  Meghan and Caroline are both hockey players - Meghan on the Lady Monarchs and Caroline on the West River Royals.  John just started to play this summer.  The kids play soccer in the fall, and we also do a few 5K's together.  We love to watch sports together and cheer on our favorite teams. It is even better for the kids when they get to stay up past bedtime!  

Question #3 - Describe a memorable event, experience, tour highlight, or unique characteristic of Saint Catherine of Siena School.

One of the things that we love so much about St. Catherine of Siena School is the sense of community.  I think that one of the things that my kids looked forward to a lot this year were the dress-down days.   Dress down days meant that not only did they get to wear something besides their uniform, but the premise was that you would make a donation to a worthy cause, whether it is a family in need, a charity, or the service project of a fellow family.  There were a few times that my kids accused me of "not giving enough"!  I think that the school is instilling in them the importance of "doing unto others." Teaching this value at a young age will hopefully help promote a lifetime of service to those in need.


  • Daily Schedule
    School Day:  Earliest Arrival: 7:20 AM                                First Bell: 7:35 AM
                 Second Bell: 7:40 AM
                 Morning Prayer: 7:45 AM
    Pre-K and K Dismissal: 2:00 PM
    Afternoon prayer: 2:10 PM
    Grades 1-6 Dismissal: 2:15 PM
    The faculty and staff are not officially on duty until 7:20. There is NO supervision inside or outside of the school until that time..
    Please note that the school day begins promptly at 7:45 a.m.
    Prayer begins at 7:40 a.m.
    Children need to be on time, please!
    To meet with the principal, please call the office to schedule an appointment


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