Help us reach our Goal of $5,000!

We are extending our Day of Giving to help enable us to reach our goal of $5,000 for our Resource Department. We invite you to consider supporting our school's resource department. We are fortunate at St. Catherine's to have the ability to serve students in need of specialized instruction and academic remediation. The following items would greatly enhance the tools we have to further assist these students to become successful students. Your generous donation, even if partially funding an item, is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your support!  

Please watch this video on how we will be using the money donated. 

$5,000 Goal

C-Pen Exam Reader Classroom Set - $2,375 DONATED! Thank you St. Mary's Bank!

C-Pen is a pocket-sized device which reads text aloud, allowing students who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia to independently complete written work. This set includes 10 C-Pens, 10 cases, 10 sets of earbuds, 10 USB cables and storage case.


Apple Ipad - $309 each, 2 desired

There are many educational apps students could use on iPads while in the resource room.  Students will benefit from extra practice using Speech/ Language, Math, and Reading apps on the iPads.    


Articulation Set - $304.98 DONATED!

The articulation set is for use with students who require speech remediation. The set includes Articulation Photo Fun Deck Set 1 (R,S,TH,SH,CH,L,Z) and Articulation Photo Fun Deck Set 2 (K,G,F,V,P,B,T,D).


Handwriting Without Tears - $658.40

This program using multisensory activities, manipulatives and touch cards is used for students who struggle with letter recognition and letter-sound correspondence. The set includes Pre/K Handwriting Kit, Show Me Magnetic Pieces For Capitals, ABC Touch & Flip Cards and 123 Touch & Flip Cards.


Zones of Regulation - $136.98 DONATED! 

Zones of Regulation is a curriculum designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.  It helps students develop increased self-control and problem-solving abilities using a cognitive behavioral approach. Students with ADHD and anxiety benefit from this program, which can be used with Pre-K, elementary, and secondary students. The set includes Zones of Regulation Book, Navigating The Zones, Zones of Regulation Dry Erase Poster and Zones Stop, Opt, & Go Dry Erase Poster.

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