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It is with great excitement that we announce the expansion of the St. Catherine of Siena School campus with the launch of a 2670 square foot, three floor addition off the North Street side of the school. In offering a traditional, Catholic curriculum focused around our mission of “spiritual development, academic excellence and a commitment to serve others,” we have identified the need for a pre-kindergarten program for three year olds and expanded science and theology programming.


Our play based Pre-K3 program will give students the foundation needed in basic classroom skills and behaviors in order to transition successfully to Pre-K4. In addition to using centers to develop language and early numeracy skills, Pre-K3 students will participate in religion, art, music and gym classes, providing them with a well-rounded, developmentally appropriate early educational experience.


A focus of our science curriculum has been an expanded STEM component, essential for students in our evolving world. Our new lab, with lab tables, sink and counters, Smartboard and safe storage of materials, will afford teachers the space to complete labs, utilize technology and implement a robotics component in science class.


The project allots space for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a hands on catechesis method requiring a dedicated space. This program utilizes manipulatives and is geared toward elementary age children, and will greatly enhance the existing theology curriculum.

Some shuffling of spaces will take place within the existing structure: On the ground level, the library will become the Pre-K3 classroom, situated across from the Pre-K4 room. The library will then move down the hall to one of the current kindergarten classrooms and the kindergarten classroom will move into the new addition. On the second floor, one of the current first grade classrooms will move into the new addition, leaving space for the science lab. On the third floor, one of the current sixth grade classrooms will move into the new addition, with that classroom turning into an atrium for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. 


Construction begins as soon as the school year ends, with all exterior work completed over the summer months. It is expected that interior work will continue into the fall. Anticipated completion of the project is mid to late November.


We look forward to the opportunities afforded by the addition and ask for your support as we embark on this exciting new venture. Please consider donating below. We are grateful for your support!

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Support our Capital Campaign with a commemorative brick! Orders must be placed by July 31.

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