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Spanish Enrichment Class with Mrs. Hunt

Bienvenidos  = Welcome


Contact Information:

Teacher: Mrs. Hunt

St. Catherine of Siena Elementary School



Spanish Schedule:

Tuesdays 3T, K, 4F, 5L

Wednesdays 1B, PreK, 4C, 5C

Thursdays 2K, 3M

Fridays 6A, 1S, 2R, 6B


About Mrs. Hunt

Spanish Teacher for many different levels who is a Native speaker originally from Celaya, Guanajuato Mexico. 


How students learn a 2nd language.

 Learning language and mastering a language at an early age is accomplished by practicing four essential skills: 

1. Distinguish sounds (Hearing)

2. Mimicking sounds (Speaking)

3. Understand words (Comprehension)

4. Communicate  

 We will be building these skills through various means including sources such as  music, visual spatial, body kinesthetic and interpersonal learning in an interesting yet fun environment. 

 Each lesson will cover:

1. Circle time

2. Story time 

3. Art time 

4. Music (songs) 


 Several Hispanic Cultures will be introduced and explored during the school year in order to broaden students’ knowledge and appreciation for the many rich cultures that speak the Spanish language around the world.     


 January = Enero 

  • Practiced the Hail Mary in Spanish
  • Students will learn about the Three kings celebration"LOS REYES MAGOS"
  • Students will make Crowns 
  • Students will Identify colors 

            February =  Febrero 

Image result for dia del amor y la amistad para niños  

  • Students celebrate Valentine's day 
  • Students learn seasons in Spanish 
  • Country Spain 

                March = Marzo

  • New vocabulary 
  • Seasons 
  • Country Venezuela 

 April = Abril 

  • Students from grades 5-6 will work on a project. 
  • Students Pre-K to 4 rd  grade will work on importance of Bees in our planet. 
  • Movie BEE
  • Country Puerto Rico 
             May = Mayo 
  •  Students all grades will work on Mother's day cards. 
  • New vocabulary 3rd grade - 6 grade flash cards 
  • Weather 
  • Country Peru 


         June = Junio 
  •  Students will review old and new vocabulary 
  • Game bingo 
  • Good by son 


September = Septiembre

  • Song: Greating songs 
  • Numbers                                                 
  • Colors
  • Alphabet and vowels 
  • Craft: Mexican Flag 
  • Students for grades 4-6 are continuing Duo Lingo, 30 minute per week at home or on the go. ( some of the students did last year)

October = Octubre 

Country of the Month is


  • Practiced The Hail Mary in Spanish
  • Students from grades. 4-6 will learn Body Parts 
  • Students from grades. 4-6 will learn  Animals
  • Students from Pre-K, Kindergarten trough 3rd grade, will   learn face parts and some animals. 
November = Noviembre 

  • Practiced Our Father.
  • Students from grades 4-6 will learn new vocabulary for the celebration of "Day of the Death" 
  • Students from grades 4-6  will play games in order to memorize  new vocabulary 
  • Students from  Pre-K, Kindergarten trough 3rd grade will be learn new colors and new vocabulary. 
December= Diciembre

Feliz Navidad 

  • Practice Our Father  
  • Grades 4-6 new vocabulary for the celebration of Christmas 
  • Grades 4-6 students 
  • Grades Pre-K, Kindergarten trough 3rd grade will be learn new colors and new vocabulary. 

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