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Espanol 2017 - 2018

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Spanish Enrichment Class 

Contact Information:

Teacher: Ms. Sierra

St. Catherine of Siena Elementary School



Spanish Schedule:

Tuesdays: PK, 1A, 6A

Wednesdays: 4A, KB, 3A 

Thursdays: KA, 2A, 2B, 3B, 5B 

Fridays: 1B, 4B, 5A 

Children will need a folder, notebook, loose leaf and a pencil for each class.


About The Teacher

I'm excited to be working with your children to inspire learning and ensure all students are actively participating through fun group activities. Learning takes place best in a positive safe environment filled with love and laughter. I want my students to look forward to breaking through barriers and comfort zones while exploring different cultures, traditions and Spanish. Vamos a aprender juntos!

How students learn a 2nd language.

 Learning language and mastering a language at an early age is accomplished by practicing four essential skills: 

1. Distinguish sounds (Hearing)

2. Mimicking sounds (Speaking)

3. Understand words (Comprehension)

4. Communicate  

We will be building these skills through various means including sources such as  music, visual spatial, body kinesthetic and interpersonal learning in an interesting yet fun environment. 


September = Septiembre

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  • Song: Greetings, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Translation Songs in Spanish

  • Numbers                                                 

  • Colors

  • Alphabet and vowels - How to pronunciation

  • Craft: Recreate flags of Spanish speaking countries 

  • Identify objects - learn basic classroom items and questions

  • Activities - Roll the dice, Family Feud, Bingo (all in Spanish as a review)


October = Octubre

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  • Flashcards: Adjectives, Objects, Body Parts, Clothing
  • Crossword puzzles: Identify materials learned in class
  • Greetings: Practice greetings and goodbyes
  • The importance of learning a second language
  • Sports and Hobbies - Identify each category in Spanish
  • Craft: Continue making flags, leaf projects to identify colors/size, students will be given the opportunity to work on a Halloween project of their choice - to be determined
  • Understanding the difference between Halloween and Dia de los Muertes
  • Activities: Family Feud (all in Spanish as a review)
  • Prayer: Glory Be / Gloria

In observance of Veterans Day I have asked the 5th and 6th grades to draft a letter to our military men and women serving in the Army National Guard as a sign of solidarity and support. I've extended the deadline of their first drafts to 10/20/17. At this point I will review the letters and assist in translation. It's a great opportunity for the students to recognize how being bilingual can help in a situation such as being stationed in Puerto Rico for the relief efforts. My goal is to have all the letters mailed out no later than 11/3/17 so the soldiers can receive them in time for Veterans Day.

The sixth grade class was asked to bring in a very small plant. The purpose being, it is their last year at St Catherine of Siena and as part of the enrichment course I want them to see in June just how much they have grown since September. It will be their responsibility to water and nurture their plant and they will learn all these aspects in Spanish. They can bring them home in June to remind them of all their accomplishments during the course of the year.

This isn’t just an empty pot.

There’s something you should know.

Inside the pot there is a seed

That, just like me, will grow.

The plant that grows will someday bloom

And remind you of the seed so small.

But without your love and tender care,

The seed wouldn’t grow at all.

Thank you in advance for your support. I look forward to us being in a partnership. It takes a village to raise a child and I am blessed to be a part of the St. Catherine of Siena family.

God Bless,

Ms. Sierra