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Pre-Kindergarten (PK)



St. Catherine of Siena School

Pre-Kindergarten Supply List



  • 3 boxes of tissues


  • 1 container of baby wipes for painting projects


  • 3 containers of disinfecting/antibacterial wipes(Lysol or Clorox wipes)


  • backpack--(large enough to hold folder, lunchbox and blanket)


  • small blanket only---for cot at Quiet time (blankets are sent home every two weeks for laundering)


  • extra clothing to be kept at school (underwear, socks, navy blue shorts, white or dark blue collared short sleeve shirt).  Does not have to be school uniform but something similar in case of an accident or spill.


  • $6.00 for Scholastic News biweekly magazine


  • Paint shirt--(old oversized tee shirt)


  • Please label all your child’s clothing, belongings, and supplies sent into the classroom.



        Thank you,             

             Mrs. Nancy Anctil

        Mrs. Linda Klingensmith


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