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Where Fun and Fitness come to life

St. Catherine of Siena values the connection between mind and body. Physical education builds strength, endurance, and agility to develop wellness and promote a lifetime appreciation of physical fitness. Students participate in a variety of physical activities in the development of fine and gross motor skills with the emphasis on personal achievement and team participation. Working cooperatively to achieve mutually defined and desired goals increases the likelihood that students will accept and respect individual differences. Required physical education classes embody carefully sequenced and developmentally appropriate games, fitness, and sports programs reflecting the school’s philosophy.

Physical Education and Athletic Programs at St. Catherine are consistent with our philosophy, goals and educational objectives. We endeavor to:

  • foster sportsmanship, citizenship, teamwork and Christian Values.
  • foster respect for one another and to those in authority, and at the same time to develop discipline and self-control.
  • develop necessary learning and living tools of communication, problem-solving, decision making, creativity and knowledge that will prepare students for living and competing in society.
  • provide for the basic physical and social growth of those children whose skills and maturity qualify them for a program of competitive sports.