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Welcome to 

Mrs. Blanchard's

Music class!

"There are regions of the human soul which can be illuminated only by music."

- Zoltan Kodaly

Philosophy and Objectives 

Music at St. Catherine of Siena School this year will be primarily based on the Kodaly Philosophy of Music Education. The principal objectives are:

1. To develop the innate musicality present in all children.
Kids love music and want to do everything to the best of their abilities. Music class is one place where they can grow in those skills. 

2. To teach children the language of music - reading, writing, and creating.
Reading and writing rhythms and melodies for sticks, voices, recorders and other instruments as well.

3. To teach children the music of their own culture.
I strive to let students experience music of various styles, including but not limited to folk, classical, blues, and pop.

4. To teach the great art music of the world through performing and listening.
So far this year we have sung songs from North America, Ghana, France, England, and probably more!  

June Announcements

Congratulations to all the students on a successful Concert and Fine Arts Night last week! 

Thank you teachers for your help, and parents for coming to support us!

Pre-K -2nd grade Music

Pre-K and Kindergarten are continuing to use creative movement, singing, and rhythmic movement to learn about musical expression.

First and second grade are continuing to sing and move, and adding rhythm sticks to learn music literacy. Soon they will begin learning to read notes on the staff while singing.

3rd - 6th Grade Music

In the upper grades, students will be continuing to sing and dance, learn the full solfege scale, and begin to learn to sing in two parts through rounds, partner songs, ostinati, and countermelody. Grades 5-6 may continue learning the recorder, and grades 3-4 will begin recorder after Christmas break.  

Music Ministry

Throughout the year, Mrs. Blanchard will be providing music for Monday morning masses, and will be looking for motivated, skilled, and joyful students to participate in leading the school in worship.

Drama Club 

Congratulations to the Drama Club on "The Lion King, Jr." and "Back to the summer" - two very entertaining productions. Thank you to all who helped make it a great year!  

About Mrs. Blanchard:

I have always loved music! I started learning piano at age 7, and leading worship at my church at 14. I graduated from Gordon College with a Bachelor of Music Education, and taught Elementary and Middle school music and chorus for a combined eight years. 

I also direct the music ministry at my church in Concord, Immaculate Heart of Mary. I play piano and sing for various masses, as well as direct the Children's Choir at Christmastime. 

I'm married with two little girls, and I love to show off pictures of my family :)

Thanks for reading!

Check back often for updates about all the music-making and acting at St. Catherine School!