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S U M M E R T I M E...

I have read many articles by reading specialists who have
concluded that summertime provides children an excellent

opportunity to reinforce their reading skills by choosing what

THEY WANT to read. Choices may include favorite genres,

authors, subjects, etc. Venues may vary from the front porch, a

favorite couch, the beach...  Many public libraries sponsor

summer reading programs which often include a variety of
incentives...I suggest checking out the public library in your
community.  I am looking forward to a few (quite a few!!) good

reads myself.

The important thing is to have a restful, pleasant summer,

enjoy some good books and be ready to come back to school in

the Fall refreshed and ready for another great school year.

Mrs. Roux's 2nd grade students were delighted by an 

impromptu visit by 

Father Paul during their Library class.

Fr. Paul visiting with students in the library


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