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Summer, a time of relaxation and renewal, is a perfect time

 students (and faculty and staff) to enjoy some good 

reading; perhaps there are some titles we've put off because 

we've been too is the time to "catch up." 

Some books can take us on "mini vacations" and provide us 

much needed hours of enjoyment.

Many of our local public libraries offer summer reading 

and incentives for students, and I highly recommend 

that parents look into them. Another suggestion is for children 

to "read" to family pets or stuffed animals; research tells us

that this technique has been successful in strengthening both

silent and oral reading skills...and besides, the animals enjoy  

the company, too! 

I wish you all a very happy, safe and fun-filled Summer and may Our Lady watch 

over us all.

I have been making Rosaries for over 30 years and it is my pleasure to repair students'

Rosaries whenever they are in need.


Live like you're loved!
Mrs. Alice Gordan, 

Fr. Paul visiting with students in the library a couple of years ago.

Special Library Events of the 2017 - 2018 School Year:

Easter-theme Storytime and Craft.
We read Rechhenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco

February Storytime and craft

In the Library, for Valentine's Day, our third graders created cheerful and colorful heart doilies to send to our two nursing home friends.
We, in the Library, worked with both 3rd grades to make simple crafts and send encouraging greetings to two nursing-home-bound women.  We have left the "Christmas trees" posted here that were sent for Christmas.
  Students have enjoyed this in the past and feedback tells us that the recipients have been thrilled. The students' beautiful creations are often displayed so that others at the nursing home may also enjoy them. 
We thank Mrs. Skoglund for her artistic assistance and Mrs. Speck-Tritter for her photography. Mrs. Champagne, our Library volunteer, helped with this project also.

We note that "a commitment to serve others" is an important component of our school's Mission Statement and participation with the nursing home is part of this commitment. 

New last year was the introduction of a 4-time after school "Story Time and Craft" mini course for students (limited to 12) in grades 1 and 2.  
Halloween Theme      October 25, 2017 

Six students  enjoyed 2 Halloween stories and then created the "pumpkins" you see in the above photos. We thank Mrs. Jacques, her granddaughter and Mrs. Skoglund for their talent and assistance. Photos by Mrs. Speck-Tritter.
ChristmaTheme      Decembe13 
For the Christmas story time we enjoyed Snowmen All Year and the students created their own snowmen ornaments with battery-operated tea lights.
Once again, big thank yous to Mrs. Skoglund for her creativity and assistance and Mrs. Speck-Tritter for posting our photos.

                                                                                      MISSION STATEMENT
St. Catherine of Siena School, deeply rooted in its Catholic faith, fosters spiritual development, academic excellence, and a commitment to serve others.

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