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Grade 6B

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A Message From Mrs. Horgan


    My mother, who is now 87 years old, taught me the importance being grateful and saying thank you, so I need to begin my message with that.  Thank you first of all to Mrs. Bergeron for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for social studies with the fifth and sixth graders of St. Catherine of Siena School.  Thank you to the staff and families who supported the students and me as we journeyed through the stories of history this year.  And finally, a huge thank you to the students who politely listened to all of the explanations I felt compelled to share, who compiled a notebook full of vocabulary words and definitions, and read all of those comments I covered their worksheets with.  I hope each of you found something of interest to you and will pursue it in years to come.  I am so grateful to all of you!


    This summer might be a great time for families to take a day trip to a museum here in New Hampshire.  My favorites include Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, Canterbury Shaker Museum in Canterbury, New Hampshire Historical Society and Museum and the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, and the Currier Art Museum and the Millyard Museum in Manchester. In addition there are many excellent smaller local museums throughout the state.  If you Google New Hampshire museums, you will find an extensive list.  The Sunday edition of the Union Leader has a weekly map with things to do and places to go around the state, or you can go to, or, all of which contain historically related activities.

    Trips to your local library are also a great way to pursue interests at a time when we aren’t so busy doing homework.  While non-fiction books are great resources, don’t forget historical fiction. Many students really enjoyed our Friday current events presentations, so if you were one of them, keep up with current events. Maybe you could even use your family as an audience!  Use your critical reading and thinking skills, and don’t forget to use multiple sources so you can balance the information and use what you already know to form honest and fair opinions.  Remember too, that as Americans, we all have the right of freedom of speech, so be respectful of other’s opinions, even when you know they are wrong!

    Have a great summer, relax, enjoy your family (because even though you may not realize it now, they ARE a great gift), be safe, and know that no matter where you are next fall, my prayers go with you.


May God always hold you in the palm of his hand,

Mrs. Horgan

Summer To Do List
Read both nonfiction and historical fiction.
Visit museums and historical sites.
Keep up with current events. Share your presentations with your family.
Write a short story, play, poem, etc. about a current or historical event.
Keep your own historical primary source (diary, journal).
Go to Mass.
Pray every day.