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Grade 5B

 Believe it or not it is already the end of the month of February! We are continuing our Unit on the Healing Sacraments in Religion. In Science, we are finishing up our chapter on temperature conversions. Social Studies has come to life as we experienced a simulation from the time of Columbus. For the past few weeks the students set sail from either Portugal or Spain to search for Asia. They had the opportunity to experience the life of an explorer in the 1400's. Now we are beginning the Search for the Northwest Passage! We are designing Explorer Trading Cards as we learn about the Explorers! 
Have a restful Vacation!!

Here is the rubric that I am using for our Explorer Simulation!

Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion

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"Our programs ensure an in-depth study of topics that help promote long-term learning and understanding of concepts. Lessons build upon one another with the understanding that different sciences are interrelated. For this reason, we are not a “pick and choose” science topics program but a complete science program that will help students have a broader understanding of science."

February 2nd- Move-A-Thon
February 13th- Valentine's Day Party 
February 14th- Ash Wednesday: Church Uniform
February 19th - No School: President's Day
February 23rd- Report cards go home
Feb 26th - Mar 2nd- Vacation
Week of 2/19- 2/23
5B Social Studies  
Wednesday: Explorer Trading Card

5B Religion 
Tuesday: Ch 14 Quiz tomorrow

5 Science  
Monday: Temperature Conv. Quiz  Tuesday (5A)
Tuesday: Temperature Conv. Quiz Wed (5B)

6 Science  
Monday: Temperature Conv. Quiz Tuesday

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Physical Education
Wednesday: Art & Adoration
Thursday: Spanish & Library
Friday: Computers

23rd - Isabella