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Grade 4B

Welcome to Miss Jerome's 4th Grade Classroom!    

                                                Journeys                                                                  Science                                                



Social Studies- NH History and Culture
  • Explorers and Settlers
      • Discovery of a "New World" 
      • NH is born
      • The battle over land

  • We are called to follow Jesus 
    • Kindness brings Joy
    • Forgiving love heals people
    • We pray to our just God


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Specials Schedule 
Monday- Computers
Tuesday- Gym and Library (Wear gym uniforms)
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Art 
Friday- Spanish
*Band will be on Thursdays from 7:40-8:30*

                        11/1- Will 
                   11/11- Molly
                   11/13- Dominic
                   11/14- Ben

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