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Grade 3B

Melaina June 29th
"I wish that all your dreams come true. May y
our day be filled with joy, wonderful gifts, and goodies, too!"

3B Cabin - Weekly Homework .docx

Life in the 3B Cabin

2017-18 Special Schedule
Monday: Library
Tuesday: Computers
Wednesday: Music & Gym
Thursday: Spanish
Friday: Art

**Coming soon after the Thanksgiving Break.**

Mastering your Multiplication Facts!

Multiplication Schedule for 3T:
Monday: Introduce Facts
Tuesday: Review and Practice
Wednesday: Partner Practice
Thursday: Pretest: problems in order
Friday: Test: Problems mixed up

We have officially begun multiplication!  Each week your child will practice one set of facts from 0-12. In class we will practice each day. On Thursday they will have a pre-test of their facts in order from 0-12 that they need to complete in 1 minute. They will take this home to practice for the next day. On Friday they will be given their test. I will give them 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer the problems, but this time it will be mixed up.
Please practice with your child at home! 
It will make your child feel confident!