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Grade 3A


Important Dates 
August 29th: First Day Back!!! 
September 1st: No School!
September 4th: Labor Day No School
September 8th: Anna's birthday!
September 9th: Calla's birthday!
September 14th: BACK TO SCHOOL
September 15th: Wiji's birthday!
September 22nd: Grandparents Day


At our religion center each month we have a female and male saint.  The saints for September are Mother Teresa and St. Michael the Archangel.  In Religion we are learning about how God calls us,  and how He gives us gifts.  We shall be talking about our talents this week.  Next week we shall discuss what makes a person holy.


This is our 2nd year of the Nancy Larson Science Curriculum.  I am very excited about the program.  Our goal is I can learn about astronomy.  We have been learning about our solar system, the sun, and earth rotation.
Spelling List:
We shall take our second spelling Test on September 15th.  Every Friday this is expected.  Please study :)



St. Catherine of Siena School, deeply rooted in its Catholic faith, fosters spiritual development, academic excellence, and commitment to serve others.


Homework Folders have the expected spelling and Math (starting the week of September 18th) homework for that week. Homework folders now include a detailed chart of the expected homework each night.  If perhaps forgotten here is what expected for Reading, Spelling and Math each week:

3A Weekly Homework

Classroom behavior:  Our class behavior is firmly rooted in the believe of treating one another with love.  The greatest commandment is love.  We have a clip chart that tracks our behavior throughout the day.  If they have great behavior they can pick something from the treasure chest.

As a classroom family, we work together by acting accordingly in the halls, cafeteria, recess, etc. to gain marbles in the marble jar for goals such as extra dance time, snacks, and movie time!  

Lastly, the students' desks are grouped together.  Each group is a color; purple, blue, yellow, green, and red.  They are rewarded with points for working together, not speaking to one another when I am teaching, or just being a super star group!  They are rewarded with collector's pins if they can get to 100 points by the end of the week.  

Teacher thoughts of the week:

What a wonderful night last Thursday September 14th, 2017. Parents asked about anything needed for the classroom.  Our treasure chest for the classroom behavior is running low.  You may have seen your student bringing home a toy, jewelry, candy, pencil, etc. on Fridays, and if you would like to donate something to a treasure chest it would be greatly appreciated!  Have a wonderful week!

Class Schedule for 2017-2018

Specials Schedule:  
  Monday:         Mass    Computers        
  Tuesday:        Music        
  Wednesday:   Spanish and Art
  Thursday:      P.E.
  Friday:           Library 

Kindness Elf Bobby

Our kindness elf has been named Bobby.  The kids love him already!  We are having a blast with him in class.  He has given us the kindness task of saying good morning and how are you to the people around us this week.  Eventually, he shall be giving us writing assignments for kindness.  Picture coming soon!