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Grade 3A


Important Dates 
June 1:       Field Day
June 6:         Field Trip
June 9:         Last Day!

Chicks have arrived!

Check out our new science program for the 2016-17 school year. We are currently studying atmosphere and weather.       Visit:

It was an exhausting day!!!

Spelling List:
To take the test before Friday go to:
 (Words with less)

  (for May 31)
1. Speed test (divide by 8)
2. Finish reading packet

       Reading Vocabulary
(for week ofMay 22)

                  3M grade is 
collecting money to help those less fortunate. Our mission is to help feed the poor. Contributions are always welcome. 
Last year we presented New Horizons with a check for over $1,000.


Classroom Economy:  We are learning how to make good decisions managing our money, while still looking out for the needs of others. If you want to learn more about our classroom economy,  go to:  

Scholastic Book Orders:
Password:   marble
Class Activation Code:  GQ3XW.  

Great job, Julianne!

We have completed our multiplication  and division facts through nine, and should know them by heart. We have also learned about dividends, divisors, quotients, and remainders. We have been working with fractions and geometry.

Are you practicing your math facts? Fourth grade will be here before you know it. Stay on top of your math facts with Xtra Math!
Log in with your enrollment #, which is written in your homework book. Then you can start using your four digit user number after that.
Start practicing!
 "Extra Math"  Go to:  
Class Schedule for 2016-17

Specials Schedule:  
  Monday:         Mass    Art        
  Tuesday:        Computers         
  Wednesday:   Music
  Thursday:      Spanish & PE
  Friday:           Library