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Spelling List

You can practice the spelling words at the website Vocabulary and  Spelling City (

Book 2

Lesson 9: Dr. Seuss    Rule: short e and s clusters

    yes    let    red    ten    bed    get    sled    step

Lesson 8: A Musical Day    Rule: short o and l clusters with -ock

    on    got    fox    hop    pop    not    block    clock

Lesson 7: How Animals Communicate    Rule: short i and r clusters

    in    will    did    sit    six    big    trip    grin

Lesson 6: Jack and the Wolf    Rule: short a and -dd; -ss

    an    bad    can    had    cat    ran    add    pass

Book 1

Lesson 5: Gus Takes the Train    Rule: short u

    up    bug    mud    nut    hug    tub

Lesson 4: Lucia's Neighborhood    Rule: short e

    yet    web    pen    let    wet    hen

Lesson 3: Curious George at School    Rule: short o

    log    dot    top    hot    lot    ox

Lesson 2: The Storm    Rule: short i 

    if    is    him    rip    fit    pin

Lesson 1: What Is a Pal?  Rule: short a

    am    at    sat    man    dad    mat