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Reading Lesson Links

Lesson 9 Dr. Seuss

Dr. Suess


WebWord Find ST Words

Spelling City


Blending Bowl

Owl and Mouse s- blend Practice

Cat in the Hat PBS

How to Draw: The Cat in the Hat

How to Draw: Fish from Cat in the Hat

Word Builder Unit 15


Step Up!

Splat! Splat!

Nuts for Ben and Jen

Miss Tess Was Still

Lesson 8 A Musical Day

A Musical Day

WebWord Find L-Blends Words

Word Cruncher

Owl and Mouse Blends Practice

Word Wheel 2

Spelling City

Mox’s Shop

Word Sort Unit 14

Our Flag

The Plan

Our Sled Club

The Pet Club


Lesson 7 How Animals Communicate

How Animals Communicate

cvcPop Click on i

Word Families Sort Click on i

Word Sort Unit 13

Animals Creature Feature National Geographic 

Capital Letters Click on where the capital letter goes. 

Animal Communities

Find Short I

Say What  What animals say by PBS

Make a Word with -ip

Word Builder Unit 13

WebWord Find R-Blends Words

Brad and Cris

What Did Dad Get


The Big Job


Lesson 6 Jack and the Wolf

Jack and the Wolf

Make a Word with -an

Word Sort Unit 16

Word Builder Unit 10


Roy the Zebra Where does the period go?

Words That Rhyme Drag the word that rhymes

WebWord Find Double Letter Words

Words that end with ff or ss

Words That End With CK

Word Builder Unit 16

eWord Game Unit 4

Ann Packs

Tess and Jack

A Duck in Mud

Ducks Quack


Lesson 5 Gus Takes the Train

Gus Takes the Train

Word Families Sort Click on u

Picture Match

Make a Word with Clifford

Word Sort Unit 9

Make a Word: -ug

Construct a Word Click on un

cvcPop Click on u


Word Builder Unit 9

Gus the Duck



WebWord Find Short U Words

Owl and Mouse Short Vowel Practice Hard

Grubby Pup


Fun in the Sun

Yams! Yum!

Fun, Fun, Fun!,


Lesson 4 Lucia’s Neighborhood

Lucia's Neighborhood

Make a Word: -en

Word Families Sort Click on e

cvcPop Click on e


Picture Match

WebWord Find Short E Words

Alphabetical Order

Word Sort Unit 8

Connect the Dots

ABC Order With Lil' Mo 

The Hen in the Pen

Word Builder Unit 8

Peg the Hen

Construct a Word Click on ed or et

Make a Word: -et

Build a Neighborhood PBS



Ken and Vic

My Pets


Lesson 3 Curious George at School

Curious George at School

Word Families Sort Click on o

cvcPop Click on o


Picture Match

Word Builder Unit 7 short o

Make a Word: -ot

Construct a Word Click on op or ot

Make a Word: -og

WebWord Find Short O Words


On the Job PBS


Mox's Shop


Lil and Max

Did Dix Dog Do It?

Max Fox and Lon Ox

Is It Funny?

Lesson 2 The Storm

The Storm

The Big Hit

The Short i Song

letter i song

(you tube)

Make a Word with -ip

Construct a Word Click ig at or in

cvcPop Click on i


Picture Match

Word Families Sort Click on i   

Word Builder Short i Words

WebWord Find Short i Words

The short i sound

(you tube)

The Big Pig Song

(you tube)

Make a word with -ig

CVC Maker


Can It Fit?

I Ran

Sid Pig


Lesson 1 What Is a Pal?

What Is a Pal?

Make a Word with -at

Make a word with -an

Spelling City

CVC Maker

Zac the Rat

Construct a Word Click on at or an

Word Families Sort Click on a

Dan and Nan

Nat Cat

Nan and Dan

Fan, Fan, Fan

Kindergarten Review

Make a Word with -at

Zac the Rat

Sound Match with Clifford

Spelling City

Get Your Mouth Moving Song

Construct a Word

Click on -at