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Math Unit Links

link for Subtraction Facts to 12 practice

link for Addition Facts to 12 Practice

Addition and Subtraction Relationships

More Fact Families

Number Pyramid

Fact Families

Can You Make 20?


Understanding Fact Familes

Balloon Pop Subtraction

Busy Bees

Subtract to Compare

Using Subtraction

Day at the Beach

Flower Power

Count Us In Bowling Game

IXL Subtraction with pictures

Fun with Fireflies

Freddie Farmers Pumpkin Patch

Diaper Derby

Adding and Subtracting through 10

Take It Away

Fruit Shoot Subtraction (click on Level 1)

Count Back Numberline

Train Cars

Missing Numbers

Minus Mission

Shoot Out


 Math Magician Subtraction

Subtraction Fact to 12

Johnnie’s Subtraction Games



Number Line Arithmetic

Funky Mummy

Number Line  (Click on number line)

Put the Kids on the Bus

Math Magician

Kitten Match

Addition Facts to 10

Marble Math

Adding Bricks

Addition Surprise

Lady Bug Game

Fact Dash

Strategies for Addition

Starfall Math


Seashell Search

Alien Pairs to 10

Make 10 Quiz

Save the Whale

Can You Make 10?

Make 10 Shootout

Numbers to 12

Count to 10 Practice:

Balloon Pop

Caterpillar Ordering


Number Bingo

Hungry Spider

Numerical Order

New Duck Shoot

Counting Objects

Fun Kids Online Math Games

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I Caught a Fish Alive

Counting with Topmarks

Higher and Lower

Gingerbread Men

Fun to Learn Numbers

Count Us In Flying Girl

Put the Feathers on the Bird

Count Us In Counting

Number Word Memory 1-6

Carnival Countdown

Great Than/ Less Than:

Counting Caterpillar

Comparing Numbers

Counting Fish More or Less

Compare Numbers


Comparing Numbers to 10

Before and After

Dive for Treasure



Ordinal Animals

Ordinal Vegetables

Matching Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Sailboat Race


Math Kindergarten Review

Counting practice:

Counting Objects

Count Us In Counting

Balloon Pop


Numerical Order




Starfish Theatre

Let's Tessellate



Identifying Plane Shapes

The Gingerbread Man

Building Sandcastles


color word memory

Tom's Color Game

Pop Balloons

Positional Words:

Help Clifford

Positional Words