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fluency sheets

Please have your child read this week’s fluency sheet in their vocab/fluency book to you each night. This will help your child to increase their ability to automatically decode this week’s phonic patterns. 

Reading fluency is a child's ability to read a book or other text correctly, quickly, and with expression. A fluent reader doesn't have to stop and "decode" each word. Rather, most of the words can be read automatically. This means the reader can focus his attention on what the story or text means. For that reason, fluency is critically important — it is the bridge between decoding words and understanding what has been read.

Lesson 6 ck

lock    duck    struck    luck

snuck    tack    pick    dock

truck    rock    pluck    chick

lick    clock    crack    brick

My new backpack is black.

Lesson 5 short u

nut   tub   bug   rug   mug

bun   cut   hut   dug   sum

cup   Gus   jug   bus   run

bud   pup   mud   rug   tug

We had fun in the hot sun.

Lesson 4 short e

red   elf   bell   peg   yes

web   mess   end   let   den

less   Jen   fed   sell   neck  

Meg   peg   tell   led   egg

The wet hen was in the pen.

Lesson 3 short o

log   job   cob   pot   mop

Tom   dog   pop   lot   hot

hop   jog   sob   rot   fog

box   cob   not   top   on

Ron has a dog with spots.

Lesson 2 short i

wig     fix     fit     him     kid

pin     rid     bin     bid     win

zip     tip     pig     Jim     lip

hip     wit     fin     dig     kit

Tim bit into a big fig

Lesson 1 short a

bat   fan   bag   sag   tab

nap   pan   hat   cab   hat

     zap   bad   cap   ham   Sam

sat   wax   man   Jan   lab

Max is at the tan mat.

Back to School Lesson  -at and –am words

cat     bat     mat     pat

rat     sat     hat     that

am     jam    bam     ram

Sam     Tam     Cam

The cat sat on the mat.