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Grade 1B

Have an awesome summer!
August Events
29 - First Day of School
        grades 1 - 6
31 - First Day of School
        PreK & K

Dear Parents and Students,

It is hard to believe the school year has come to an end.  It has been a great year.  We have learned many new things.

I have watched you all grow as readers.  Remember to keep reading books at your level to be ready to start the new school year.  Tell Mom and Dad about your books -- what the best part was, what character you would like to meet, or how the story made you feel.

We have learned many concepts in math that should be practiced over the summer, so you don’t forget.  You can make up games or use flash cards to practice your addition and subtraction facts, have fun counting groups of coins, practice telling the time and counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

Have fun exploring the outdoors, visiting friends, family and maybe even faraway places.

I wish you all a safe and fun filled summer.

Mrs. Boushie

Supplies for First Grade
  • € a soft lunchbox (no hard coolers)
  • € a backpack (no wheeled bags)
  • € a soft banker’s pouch (large enough to fit pencils, glue      stick, scissors, erasers, crayons )
  • € 2 boxes of crayons (no larger than 24 count) **
  • € 1 box of 24 yellow Ticonderoga pencils ***
  •  LARGE  pink erasers **
  •  2 boxes of colored pencils - no larger than 12 count (leave in the box)
  •  2  thin, black dry erase markers
  •  Package of thin colored markers
  •  4 large glue sticks (the small ones run out VERY fast) *  
  •   pair of child-sized scissors ( we recommend Fiskars)€      
  •  3 Mead Primary Composition K-2 books (no spiral bound or perforated notebooks)
  •  1 Mead Primary Journal K- 2 (can be found at Walmart, Target or Staples ) €          €      
  • €4  sturdy PLASTIC two pocket folders (one for Spanish)
  • 2 large boxes of tissues **
  • €1 box of band-aids
  • €2 large containers Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes (for cleaning desks)
  • €one cardboard sign printed with your child’s first and last name for car patrol dismissal.  This sign should be displayed in the front window on the passenger side at pick up each day.
  • PLEASE label all your child’s clothing. If you have hand me down uniforms, please put YOUR child’s name on the label. 

** These items will need to be replaced during the school year.

Example: Mead Primary Composition K-2    need 3


Example: Mead Primary Journal K-2    need 1 only


link to


Please help your child to practice reading the Words to Know in their Vocabulary and Fluency books.  It is important for your child to read the words to you to assure they are reading the words correctly.  Please mix up the order as they practice.  Also have your child read the fluency practice sheet to you.  Their reading speed should improve with each reading.
Children will receive a spelling list on Monday.
Mon. - write each word two times
Tues. - Thurs. - spelling practice pages
Fri. - spelling test in class
Practice reading Math Vocabulary (located in the back of their Vocabulary and Fluency book).  Practice addition and subtraction facts daily.  Flash cards with answers on the back are great for this.  They can be purchased or made with index cards.

Homework should not be a stressful event and is meant to reinforce what we have been learning in class.  Please let me know if your child is being stressed over it.

Next Order Due: September 18
Class activation code- GMVGR