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Grade 1B

March Events
2/26-3/2 Winter Break
5 - 9 Book Fair
6 - Chipotle of Bedford     Fundraiser
9 - Curious George Play
22 - 23 Drama Club presents The Lion King
30 - Good Friday
    no school
No March
Monday - Music
Tuesday - PE
Wednesday - Art and Library
Thursday - Computers
Friday - Spanish

Language Focus
Mar 19 - 23
March Math Focus
Chapter 6:Count and Model Numbers
In this chapter we will count, read and write numbers to 120. We will model numbers as tens and ones; understand place value for numbers to 120; and count by 10's from any number.


Unit E: Discovering What's Inside Our Bodies

Social Studies


Wants and Needs Goods and Services

Please help your child to practice reading the Words to Know in their Vocabulary and Fluency books.  It is important for your child to read the words to you to assure they are reading the words correctly.  Please mix up the order as they practice.  Also have your child read the fluency practice sheet to you.  Their reading speed should improve with each reading.
Children will receive a spelling list on Monday.
Mon. - write each word two times
Tues. - Thurs. - spelling practice pages
Fri. - spelling test in class
Math practice page.
Practice reading Math Vocabulary (flash cards from their book sent home with each chapter).  Practice addition and subtraction facts daily.  Flash cards with answers on the back are great for this.  They can be purchased or made with index cards.

Homework should not be a stressful event and is meant to reinforce what we have been learning in class.  Please let me know if your child is being stressed over it.
Next Order Due: March 23
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