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2016 - 2017 Art Project Archive

September 2016
 Pre-K  Butterflies for Mural, Shape Collage
 KindergartenFall Tree Paintings, Shape paintings
 Grade 1      Line Design Drawing/Painting
 Grade 2Pattern Design Drawing & Painting
 Grade 3     Sonia Delaunay Inspired collages,Zentangle Leaf Drawings 
 Grade 4    Notan Flip Symmetry
 Grade 5      Op Art Radial Design Drawings 
 Grade 6      Beatriz Milhazes Inspired Drawings, Pumpkin Plans

December 2016
 Pre-K  Read HARE AND TORTOISE by Alison Murray, created painted papers for making Hare and Tortoise
 KindergartenColor Birds - Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
 Grade 1      Mixing Primary Colors - Laurel Burch Cats
 Grade 2Giles Andrede's GIRAFFES CAN'T DANCE inspired  giraffe paintings
 Grade 3     Van Gogh Starry Night Painting/Collage, Square 1 Art 
 Grade 4    Form Composition with Value
 Grade 5      Diocesan Multimedia Youth Contest, Guess the 5th Grader
 Grade 6      Diocesan Multimedia Youth Contest, Faux Stain Glass Round Windows

March 2017
 Pre-K      Shamrocks, Rainbow Painting
 KindergartenChameleons Collage 
 Grade 1      Clay Butterflies, Garden Painting
 Grade 2Mixed Media Lions, Mixed Media Zebras
 Grade 3     Sacred Hearts on Foil, Wassily Kandinsky Watercolor Painting
 Grade 4    Bookmark Yarn Weavings, Glue Batik on Fabric
 Grade 5      Large Format Mixed Yarn Weaving, Hokusai Great Wave Painting
 Grade 6      Gustav Klimt-Tree of Life inspired artwork, Lego Self-Portraits

October 2016
 Pre-K  Finger Painted Leaves, Swirly painted backgrounds
 KindergartenCrayon Self-Portraits
 Grade 1      Cezanne inspired apple paintings
 Grade 2Little Owls' Night inspired Owl Painting
 Grade 3     Cross inspired art - hot and cold watercolor painting
 Grade 4    Tint, Mosaic, Tree Silhouette Collage
 Grade 5      1 Pt. Perspective Pumpkin Patch Painting
 Grade 6      Pumpkin Plans / Painted Pumpkin Service Project

January 2017
 Pre-K  Square 1 Art - Sunflowers

 KindergartenSquare 1 Art - Sunflowers

 Grade 1      Square 1 Art - Hot Air Balloons

 Grade 2Square 1 Art - Hot Air Balloons
 Grade 3     Square 1 Art - Moon/Sun Patterns, Casella Calendar Art Contest
 Grade 4    Square 1 Art - Moon/Sun Patterns
 Grade 5      Square 1 Art - Peter Max Painted Hearts
 Grade 6      Square 1 Art - Peter Max Painted Hearts

April 2017
 Pre-K      Auction Art, Jasper Johns Number Painting, Elephant and Rhino Painting, Painting Tulips
 KindergartenAuction Art, Flower Painting, Bubble Print Fish
 Grade 1      Auction Art, Kevin Henkes inspired Bird Paintings
 Grade 2Auction Art, Elephants
 Grade 3     Auction Art, Kandinsky Watercolor Painting, Watercolor Resist Paper Weaving, Windmills and Tulips
 Grade 4    Auction Art, Glue Batik on Fabric
 Grade 5      Auction Art, Large Format Mixed Yarn Weaving, Illuminated Capitals
 Grade 6      Auction Art, Lego Self Portraits
November 2016
 Pre-K  Oliver Jeffer's HOW TO CATCH A STAR inspired star paintings, Polar Bears
 KindergartenPETE THE CAT inspired art, Reindeer art
 Grade 1      Line Owl Watercolor Paintings, Printed Poinsettias, Hot/Cold Christmas Trees
 Grade 2Giles Andrede's GIRAFFES CAN'T DANCE inspired  giraffe paintings, Snowmen watercolor paintings
 Grade 3     Van Gogh Starry Night Painting/Collage, Christmas Ornament oil pastels
 Grade 4    Form Composition with Value, Pos./Neg. Winter Scenes
 Grade 5      Diocesan Multimedia Youth Contest
 Grade 6      Diocesan Multimedia Youth Contest

February 2017
 Pre-K  Square 1 Art - Sunflowers, Henri Matisse's THE SNAIL Collage, Printed Circles Heart painting
 KindergartenSquare 1 Art - Sunflowers, Crosses-Crayon Batik, Chameleons
 Grade 1      Square 1 Art - Hot Air Balloons, Pete's Big Lunch - Mixed Media Collage Sandwiches-Claes Oldenburg, Reflection collage
 Grade 2Square 1 Art - Hot Air Balloons, Mixed Media Lions-Henri Rousseau, Reflection collage
 Grade 3     Square 1 Art - Moon/Sun Patterns, Casella Calendar Art Contest, Sacred Hearts on Foil
 Grade 4    Square 1 Art - Moon/Sun Patterns, Bookmark Yarn Weavings
 Grade 5      Square 1 Art - Peter Max Painted Hearts, Large Yarn Weavings, Printmaking-Reflected Landscape
 Grade 6      Square 1 Art - Peter Max Painted Hearts, Radial Symmetry - Stain Glass Window Designs, Gustav Klimt-Tree of Life inspired artwork
 Pre-K      Tulip Painting, Cross Garden Watercolor Resist, Name Capital Watercolor Resist, Printing
 KindergartenBubble Print Fish, Animal Drawing, Printing
 Grade 1      Kevin Henkes Inspired Bird Painting,  Mother's Day Owls, NH Lilacs, "DAD" Scratch Drawing
 Grade 2Elephants, Mother's Day Birds, Sand Castle Art based on WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN, "DAD" Scratch Drawing 
 Grade 3     Monet Windmills and Tulips painting, Name Designs, Graph Drawing
 Grade 4    Glue Batik on Fabric, Scratch Art Cross, Watercolor Bookmarks
 Grade 5      Illuminated Capitals, Mosaic Cross, Watercolor Bookmarks
 Grade 6      Lego Self Portraits, Tie-Dye T-Shirts for Field Day