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2015-2016 Archive-Art Projects

Art Projects

 Pre-K  Texture Rubbed Tracings
 KindergartenWatercolor Castles
 Grade 1      Finish Hydrangeas
 Grade 2Origami
 Grade 3      Finish Mixed Media Jelly Fish, Origami
 Grade 4    Origami
 Grade 5      Origami
 Grade 6      Finish Individual Choice Painting, Elem. of Art Cubes

 Pre-K  Tulip Prints, Sunflowers, Ice Cream Paper Collage
 KindergartenCezanne inspired Painted Pears, Oil Pastel Shell Drawings, Animal Drawings
 Grade 1      Only One You inspired Fish Designs, Bubble Print Hydrangeas
 Grade 2Georgia O'Keefe Painted Paper Poppies
 Grade 3      African Kente Paper Woven Cloths, Mixed Media Jelly Fish
 Grade 4    Koi Fish Painting
 Grade 5      "What it means to be American" Flag Collage
 Grade 6      Gnome Hats, Individual Choice Painting

 Pre-K  Very Hungry Caterpillars, Butterfly Oil Pastel/Watercolor
 KindergartenRobins and Nests Collage, Pablo Picasso inspired Bouquets of Peace
 Grade 1      Spring Kites on Blue Tint Painted Backgrounds
 Grade 2Earth Day Art - We've got the whole world in our hands, Japanese Carp Kites
 Grade 3      Huichol Sun Yarn Painting
 Grade 4    Singing in the rain self-portraits, Japanese Koi Fish Painting
 Grade 5      Earth Day Art - Symbolic Earth Drawing/Painting
 Grade 6      Aboriginal Dot Painted Animals

 Pre-K  Hot Air Balloons, Bunny Drawings, Butterflies Mural
 KindergartenPainted Alphabet Letters, Bunny Painted Silhouettes, Tint-Painted Cherry Blossoms, Butterflies for Mural
 Grade 1      Mouse Paint inspired Painting, I love art because...self-portraits, Butterflies for Mural
 Grade 2Claude Monet inspired Painting, Rousseau Inspired Tigers, Butterflies for Mural
 Grade 3      Three Cross Paintings,Huichol Yarn Suns, Butterflies for Mural
 Grade 4    Yarn Foil Abstract Designs, Butterflies for Mural
 Grade 5      Paul Klee inspired Painting, Butterflies for Mural
 Grade 6      Copper Abstract Line Designs, Op Art Paper Weavings, Butterflies for Mural

 Pre-K  Dragon Puppets, Painted Hearts
 KindergartenChinese New Year-sumi-e Monkey Painting, Painted Hearts
 Grade 1      Chinese Lion Dancer Drawing/Paintings
 Grade 2Jim Dine inspired Tissue Paper/Oil Pastel Hearts, Crayon Watercolor Resist Heart Art
 Grade 3      Chinese Scroll Painting, Casella Recycling Calendar Contest Art
 Grade 4    Chinese inspired Ming Vase Collage
 Grade 5      Jim Dine/Jackson Pollack inspired Paper Heart Weaving/Oil Pastel/Spatter Paint
 Grade 6      Chinese Cherry Blossom Paper Lanterns, Faux Stained Glass Cross/Faith themed art

 Pre-K  Square 1 Art - Ladybug - Painting/Collage
 KindergartenSquare 1 Art - Ladybug-Painting/Collage
 Grade 1      Square 1 Art - Butterfly Acrylic/Watercolor Painting
 Grade 2Square 1 Art - Butterfly -Acrylic/Watercolor Painting
 Grade 3      Square 1 Art - Landscape - Water Mountain Sky
 Grade 4    Square 1 Art - Landscape - Water Mountain Sky
 Grade 5      Square 1 Art - Landscape - Tree Tissue Paper Collage
 Grade 6      Square 1 Art - Landscape - Tree Tissue Paper Collage

 Pre-K  Train Collage, Angel Prints, Mitten Painting
 KindergartenFinish Cross Art Pointillist Paintings, Evergreen Trees
 Grade 1      Finish Matisse Shape Collage, Penguin Painting Collage
 Grade 2Finish Matisse Art Fish Bowl Collage and Painting, Advent Wreath Drawing, Snowman Drawing
 Grade 3      Finish Mandala Art, Cardinal Paintings
 Grade 4    Weaving, Landscape Contour Drawing and Painting
 Grade 5      Finish Diocesan Multimedia Project-Poster "Caring for God's Children"
Peter Max Art
 Grade 6      Finish Diocesan Multimedia Project-Poster "Caring for God's Children"
Finish Symmetry Paintings, Finish Continuous Line Drawings

 Pre-K  Mondrian Shape Collage, Square Glitter Snowflakes, Finger Painted Peace/Dove Art
 KindergartenCardinals and Birches, Colorful Chameleons, Pointillist Cross Art
 Grade 1      Matisse Shape Collage, Square Folded Cut Snowflakes-Watercolor, Painted Candy Cane Art
 Grade 2Matisse Goldfish Collage, Chickadee Snow Painting, Circle Folded Cut Snowflakes
 Grade 3       Mandala Art, Circle Fan-Folded Cut Snowflakes
 Grade 4    Weaving
 Grade 5      Diocesan Multimedia Project-Poster "Caring for God's Children"
Square Folded Cut Snowflakes
 Grade 6       Diocesan Multimedia Project-Poster "Caring for God's Children"
Holiday Value Light Art

 Pre-K   Name Mosaic, Shape Art, Capital Letters, Pumpkin Knuckle Prints
 Kindergarten Dot Art, Color Wheel
 Grade 1       Starlight Pumpkins, All About Me-Crayon Art
 Grade 2 Fall Perspective Trees & Owls
 Grade 3       Name Designs, Colors of Joy Line Designs
 Grade 4    Van Gogh inspired Starry Night with St. Catherine's Parish
 Grade 5       Value Scale, 1pt. Perspective-Peter Max inspired
 Grade 6       Pumpkins for The Meetinghouse

 Pre-K   Apple Prints, Maple Leaves, Watercolor Crosses
 Kindergarten Texture Circles
 Grade 1       Leaf Printing, Shape Painting, Circle Square Designs
 Grade 2 Line Design, Sandpaper Leaves
 Grade 3       Line Leaf Designs, Batik Paper Pumpkins
 Grade 4     Form Oil Pastel Drawings, Flip Symmetry Designs
 Grade 5       Name Symmetry Designs
 Grade 6       Symmetry Tempera Painting