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Monday PK, KA
Wednesday 1B, 5B, 3A
Thursday 4B, 5A, 2B, 2A
Friday KB, 4A, 6A, 1A, 3B

   Art Contest Winners

Contact Information:

TEACHER:  Mrs. Crystal Speck-Tritter 

PHONE:  603-622-1711 


 St. Catherine of Siena School, deeply rooted in its Catholic faith, fosters spiritual development, academic excellence, and a commitment to serve others.

2018 NH Clean Water Week Poster Contest

5th grade students  finished working on posters for the 2018 NH Clean Water Week Poster Contest.  16 Posters were submitted in December.  

Mrs. Speck-Tritter
Art Classes PK-6

Children are given educational artistic experiences where each can be creative, thoughtful and confident.   Projects are designed to deepen students understanding of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.  Students work on developing various art making skills and techniques while being encouraged to be original, problem solve and to use their imaginations.  Each year students visit the Currier Museum of Art for art enrichment and take an educational tour based on their grade level.  

All artwork is saved for the annual Art Show & Spring Concert in May.  Artwork will come home with your child in late May/early June.  If you are curious to know what your child is working on please read the monthly art project list below.

Grade 1 students at the Currier Museum of Art 
interacting with a technological artwork titled 
"1984x1984" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Art Projects
Painted crosses, Alphabet art
 KindergartenPainted Ponds, Origami Frogs, Rainbows, Bird paintings inspired by story BIRDS
 Grade 1  
Fox paintings inspired by story ONE FINE DAY, Pigeon paintings inspired by story DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS
 Grade 2

Dog paintings inspired by story WHY IS BLUE DOG BLUE
 Grade 3     
Casella calendar contest,  Foil line crosses
 Grade 4  
African masks, Printmaking-birds
 Grade 5
Galaxy dog paintings for Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog, Quilled crosses
 Grade 6
Egyptian paper mache masks



Square 1 Art Fundraiser 

Students are finishing working on their Square 1 Art.   Square 1 Art is a fundraiser in which children's artworks are turned into a variety of keepsakes.  which make wonderful gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays and other occasions.

1. Students create art work during art classes: January/February
2. Artwork sent to Square 1: 2/20/18
3. School receives packets to be sent home: 3/8/18
4. Student online orders due: 3/20/18
5: School ships paper orders: 3/22/18
6. School receives products:  4/13/18


NHAEA Youth Art Month Student Exhibit 2018

The YAM reception will be Sunday, March 4th at the NH State Library.  Congratulations to Kira and Ethan whose work was chosen to represent our school.

   Opening of Exhibit Invitation

2018-2019 NH Fire & Life Safety Contest 

3rd grade worked on drawings for the NH Fire and Life Safety Contest.  The contest is open to 3rd grade students only.    3rd grade students are challenged to design a poster representing an important fire prevention & life safety message.  24 entries were submitted in February.
Congratulations Jodi our 3rd Grade student winner!

2018 Doodle for Google Contest

Kindergarten students were introduced to the annual Doodle 4 Google contest.  Their big question is "What Inspires me?"  Students will be creating doodles in art class.  
Doodles are judged based on artistic skill, creativity and theme communication which is expressed in both the artwork and the written statement.

2019 Casella Calendar Contest
 Students are finishing working on drawings for the contest.  The contest is open to 3rd grade students only.   Artwork must relate to the environment, recycling, the re-use of materials, reduction of waste, landfills or trash and recycling trucks.